Computer Shortcut Keys

Computer Shortcut Keys


Computer is a very important part of humans. All offices or businesses depend on computers, shortcut keys were very helpful.

WINDOW 10 Shortcut Keys:

 WINDOW KEY + D — Bring desktop to the top of other windows.

WINDOW KEY + M — Minimize all windows.

WINDOW KEY + SHIFT + M — Undo the minimize done by


WINDOW KEY + E — Open Microsoft Explorer.

WINDOW KEY + Tab — Cycle through open programs on the taskbar.

WINDOW KEY + F — Display the Windows Search/Find feature.

WINDOW KEY + CTRL + F — Display the search for computers window.

WINDOW KEY + F1 — Display the Microsoft Windows help.

WINDOW KEY + R — Open the run window.

WINDOW KEY + Pause /Break — Open the system properties window.

WINDOW KEY + U — Open utility manager.

WINDOW KEY + L — Lock the computer (Windows XP & later).

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Computer Shortcut keys:

Alt + F – Window File menu in the current system

Alt + E – modify options in the current program.

F1 – Universal Help (for any type of program).

Ctrl + A – selects all text.

Ctrl + X – Cut the selected item.

Ctrl + Del – Cut the selected area.

Ctrl + C – Copy the selected area.

Ctrl + Ins– Copy the selected item.

Ctrl + V – Paste selected objects.

Shift + Ins – Paste selected items.

Home – Moves the user to the current line start.

Ctrl + Home – Go to Document Launch.

End – Go to the end of the current Area.

Ctrl + End – End of the document.

Shift + Home – Highlight the current area for line start.

Shift + End – Highlight from the current position of the end line.

Ctrl + (left arrow) – move one word at a time to the left.

Ctrl + (right arrow) – move one word at a time to the right.

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt + Tab – Switch between open applications.

Alt + Shift + Tab – Switch back and forth between open applications.

Alt + Print Screen – Create a screenshot for the current program.

Ctrl + Alt + Del — Reboot the window or open Windows Task Manager.

Ctrl + Esc – bring up the start menu.

Alt + Esc – Switch between applications in the taskbar.

F2 – Rename the selected icon.

F3 – Start from the desktop.

F4 – Open Drive option when browsing.

F5 – Refresh the content.

Alt + F4 – Close the current open program or Shut Down PC

Ctrl + F4 – Close the window in the program.

Ctrl + Plus key – Set all column widths automatically in Windows Explorer.

Alt + Enter – Open the properties of the selected program window.

Shift + F10 – Right-click on the selected item.

Shift + Del – Delete programs / files permanently.

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