Migration Certificate


Migration Certificate

The university issues the transfer certificate (Migration Certificate) after the university exam is over. The certificate can be used for changing the board or university. A transfer certificate is issued when you pass out. … Migration Certificate is like a passport!! Your board of study will issue this in 10 + 2

What is the migration certificate

As its name suggests, it is some kind of certificate Migration Certificate! Migration certificate is a type of paper which is very important for Students. You can not take admission to any university without a Migration Certificate. A migration certificate is an issue of documents.

If, for some reason, you have to enroll in a school, college or university from another school, college or university, then the school, college or university with puzzles gives you a Migration Certificate, with the help of this you will get another school, college or university Get admission in

If you have got good marks in your previous school, college or university and you are also good in nature and have cleared all subjects, then only you get admission in another school, college or university.

What documents required for a migration certificate?

The migration certificate is required for all such documents of the Institute-mark sheet, caste certificate, certificate of the passing of character and all documents.

Kinds of Migration Certificate

There are generally two types of Migration Certificate which have their own different usage which is also very important to know about which type of Migration Certificate is like this

1- Inter College Migration Certificate

2- University Migration Certificate


Inter College Migration Certificate

When you want to join any other course except one, then you need Inter College Migration Certificate! To get an Inter Collage Migration Certificate, you should have complete knowledge about the rules and laws of that college, as well as you need the permission of the department! Also, if you have got good numbers in your previous course, then it is even better for you!

University Migration Certificate –

When you want to enroll from one university to another university or to join any private course except your regular (regular) course then you need University Migration Certificate if you have all subjects in the first course You will be given this University Migration Certificate only after getting a good number (marks) and along with that you will have to follow the rules and laws of that university. !

Application for migration certificate

If you want to Make a Migration Certificate, there are two ways for this, with the help of which you can create a Migration Certificate!

  1. Offline Mode
  2. Online Mode


Offline Mode –

In this, you have to go to that school, college or university fill migration certificate form and then with the help of some documents, you can easily get your Migration Certificate made as if you apply for it, you will get your Migration Certificate ready in no time!

In some boards, you do not get the facility to create an online Migration Certificate, then you have to go to that school, college or university and apply offline!

Online  Mode –

If you want to apply for Migration Certificate online, first of all, you have to know whether the board for which you want to make a Migration Certificate is online or not! Because some boards do not have online forms, then you have to make a Migration Certificate by going to that school, college or university offline!

If you apply online to create a Migration Certificate, you will be ready to become your Migration Certificate after 15-30 days of work.




CBSE Migration Certificate

A migration certificate is required to facilitate the candidate applying to another institute for an additional course of study. The primary and mandatory prerequisite for that is one must be a CBSE board pass. The migration certificate is technically a document that says that your previous institute has no problem changing the school/institute for further studies

The migration certificate shall only be given to those applicants who have passed a Board exam or to those who have been put in a compartment indicating their status as such allow them to apply for admission to an additional course of study. Failed candidates should not apply for migration certificate

How Want Duplicate Migration Certificate 

A form prescribed by CBSE must be completed and can be easily downloaded from the attached file at the bottom of this page. The fee to request the migration certificate or its duplicate copy is 250 / – nominal. But in case you want urgently to duplicate copy, the fee would be 500 / – The courier charges are 25 / – within Delhi / New Delhi and 35 / – within India


Students should also know that they can pick up the hard copy of the certificate the same day they deposit the application form and the cash fee by hand if they want to avoid the postal procedure. The delivery of documents is ideally done within 7-20 business days from the date of receipt of the application form. The documents will be sent to the respective address of the candidate through Speed ​​post / Regd. Post/courier, as the case may be. Therefore, candidates must be very careful when completing the full postal address and email identification for the proper submission of documents. It is also important to note that applicants should keep a photocopy of all supporting documents, including the Draft Claim / Fee deposited/sent to the regional office for future reference

Download Migration Certificate Form 

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