Physical Fitness Certificate


Physical Fitness Certificate


In the recent era, many job opportunities are available in many major cities. the organizations are satisfied with the fitness of their employees at the time of recruitment as well as at regular intervals thereafter. Similarly, many educational institutes offering professional courses require students to undergo a medical check-up and present the certificate in the sense that they are able to undergo the strenuous professional course that has requested.


The physical fitness certificate is one of the important requirements for any job since it refers to the individual’s ability to perform the task delegated to him during the course of employment. In addition, different work environments have their own risks and hazards to which employees are exposed. So this factor also needs consideration while examining a person for certifying their fitness or lack of fitness for that particular job. Registered medical professionals have an important role to play in providing these certificates of fitness for employment/education, etc., which enables the individual to obtain employment and admission to various educational institutes. Registered medical professionals must strictly adhere to ethics and the code of conduct by the Indian Medical Council and follow the relevant rules, regulations, and guidelines with the certificate of physical fitness but also related to other certificates and medical reports.


 A certificate of physical fitness is provided to an individual by their physician.

  1. The physical fitness certificate is generally requested to satisfy an employer application to verify the suitability of the individual person for said employment.
  2. May be required by schools, universities to verify the aptitude of students to admission to said course.
  3. It is required by the person to obtain the driver’s license / pilot’s license.
  4. A person is required to be drafted into the military.
  5. Individuals can demand that they present themselves to the authorities concerned to extend your government / private services.

These should be written with care and attention, with a proper sense of responsibility for opinion expressed in them. These will be accepted by the court of law when they are issued by qualified and registered medical professionals.


 Only the registered medical professional is authorized to issue a certificate of physical fitness.

The physical exam required for the physical fitness certificate must be done alone after the consent of the individual.

A physician must ensure that any statements made are to the best of their ability knowledge, accurate and based on current clinical information. Before giving an opinion on the physical condition of an individual related to respect works in the current state of health, a physician must ensure that he or she Has complete understanding and reliable information on the job requirements of the person.

A physician must obtain the individual’s permission / consent to release information to any third party, whether employer or insurer. Though this is argued when the individual himself goes to the doctor to be examined for the purpose of

By obtaining insurance policy coverage, consent is implied for clinical examination such as

as well as to disclose the reports to the insurance company. In certain cases, the insurance companies obtain the patient’s consent to be examined by two his panel physicians and also to disclose the information collected by him in such a examination to insurers, at the time the person proposes said policy.

A physician should not disclose more information than the individual covers consent.

Physicians must also recognize that employers and their insurers will depend on the information provided through the certificate of physical fitness to do a Number of decisions.

Physical fitness certificate pdf: See Formate

The certificate is delivered to the individual, but if necessary to the third party, the authority of the third party must be determined with the patient consent.

The practitioner must keep with him a duplicate copy of the issued certificate, prepared in the same process with the original, for at least two years. Otherwise he you must keep a record with details of the certificate issued with serial number and the signature of the patient to whom the certificate is issued.

If more than one copy of the certificate is required to be issued, it must be checked double.

The doctor may demand fees for the issuance of the certificate, if it is not issued free of charge.

Hospitals In the case of some insurance companies, the doctor’s fees are paid by the insurers.

A doctor should only sign a certificate of physical fitness that he considers may be based on a clinical evaluation of the patient; otherwise, Be ethically improper.

An examination / certification performed by a nurse or other person who is not qualified to wear

Examination and diagnosis are not acceptable.


How to get Physical Fitness Certificate

Physical Fitness Certificate that is required before any job or educational course, etc., is different from the “physical fitness certificate” that is issued after a person becomes ill and is cured with the treatment provided by the RMP. Therefore, great care must be taken in certifying the person for their “aptitude” for a particular task.

While certifying a person for their fitness for a particular task, that person’s general fitness should be examined, while in issuing the ‘fitness certificate’ that is issued after illness, the RMP focuses only on whether the disease from which the person was suffering is cured or not. Therefore, the certificate of physical fitness includes a detailed mention of the personal, family, past history of any illness, accident, etc., details and a thorough clinical examination of all body systems and relevant and necessary investigations. that may be required in the opinion of the RMP.

The physical fitness certificate will be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issue, if the person remains healthy during that year. It should expire, even before completing 12 months, if that person suffers from a serious illness or serious accident, etc., within a period of 12 months from the issuance of said certificate. In that case, after the person has been cured of such accidental illnesses / injuries, etc., they will have to present themselves again to obtain the certificate of physical fitness. In such cases, the RMP can revoke the certificate granted if, in its opinion, the holder of the same is no longer able to work in the capacity established in it.

Physical fitness certificate in word format

Even when the person remains healthy for the 12 months after the date of issuance of this certificate, once this period has expired, the certificate will automatically expire and the person must be asked to re-apply for a new and renewed certificate to the next 12 more months if required by your organization / institution, etc.

As this certificate of physical fitness refers to the individual’s physical ability to bear the burden of their specific tasks from strenuous studies during their particular educational course, it must be issued subject to conditions regarding the nature of the job in which the young person can be used.

A physician may be required to testify in procedures involving disputes between an employer and the employee (i.e. Patient of physician) based on the certificate of physical health issued. Physicians may be summoned to participate in legal proceedings under oath, providing their clinical notes on a patient, in such proceedings where they may be examined and questioned by legal counsel.

The RMP can be summoned before any judicial or quasi-judicial forum or the courts of judgment to present before him the mentioned conclusions and the opinion expressed by him in said certificate. It may be cross-examined by the opposing party’s attorney. Therefore, carelessness in completing these forms can have serious medico-legal implications for a physician.

The issuance or signing of any certificate related to any fact, knowing or believing that said certificate is false at any material point, will be punished in the same way as if he gave false evidence. 197 IPC.

Any licensed medical professional who has been shown to have signed or issued some certificate, certification, report or document of a similar nature, under your name and authority false, misleading, or incorrect may be removed from your name on the Registry.

It should be noted that acts of erroneous information, or erroneous or unfounded opinions, could open the author of the note to claims for damages from the employer or insurer.

Physical fitness certificate format

Physical fitness Certificate formate


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